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As the magnificent Seven join forces with the Fab Four - prepare for MAGNIFICENCE show the world who's best in 2016. 

Seven NEW showing products are the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. " Make your mark, Razzle dazzle them, Paint it clear, Paint it black, Brighter than white, Plait it up, Oil it well. All just £9.99 per item.

"Make your Mark" 

Quarter marking spray for horses & ponies who want to get noticed and make their mark in the ring. Set unruly coats with eye catching quarter marks that last all day long with an even finish. PREPARE TO BE PERFECT. Spray the desired area directly, then apply the quarter marker with a comb or body brush, setting in place with a final spray for the perfect finish. Size 300ml.

"Razzle Dazzle"

Razzle dazzle them finishing spray for horses and ponies who want to get noticed and give a dazzling performance. Cath the judge's eye on sunny days and shine under the spotlight - perfection for the evening performance! THE RESULT WILL BE DAZZLING. After grooming apply dazzle directly from the can or spray onto a soft cloth or brush, avoiding eyes to leave a fabulours show ring shine. Does not contain glitter. Size 300ml.

"Paint it Clear & Paint it Black"

Put your best hoof forward with this super shiny, quick drying paint-on polish. For elegant hooves every time. PREPARED TO BE ADMIRED. Aply to clean dry hooves with the easy to use brush applicator painting from the coronet band down to the wall of the hoof for a superior shine which stays put. Polish contains natural shellac which does not require removal, rubbing off with the horses natural activities.  Size 250ml.

"Brighter than White"

For finishing touches that are brighter than white, flash into view with this brilliant easy to apply leg and body whitener. PREPARED TO BE ILLUMINATED. Brighter than white can be used wet or dry. Apply it Wet - This non sticky brilliant white formulation can be mixed with a little water to a paste, simply apply the night before and bandage while still wet for whiter than white legs. Apply it dry - Brighter than white can also be applied to those last minute stains with a slightly damp brush or sponge dipped into the powder and applied to the legs & body. Remove excess powder with a clan brush when dry. Size 600g

"Plait it up"

Off to a show? Keep the wisps and strays at bay with Plait it up spray for show stopping plaits every time! PREPARE TO BE PERFECT. Size 500ml.

"Oil it well"

Shine through with Oil it well. Naturally, a high quality oil to add definaition and shine to the eyes and muzzle, coat, legs and dock.  Wherever extra shine is required to highlight your horse's best points, PREPARE TO BE ADMIRED. Size 500ml








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